Never Again Struggle with your Apple Mail to PST Conversion!

Struggling with your Apple Mail to PST Conversion is a very common occurrence. In fact, struggling with any kind of data migration is no news. But you don’t have to put up with the struggle anymore. This article introduces you to a conversion solution that not only solves the problems that you faced in the past but also is equipped to deal with ones that can occur in the future.

The smartest way of converting Apple Mail to PST

We live in an era in which everything is growing towards being smart. Smart, as in with the help of technology, everything is getting easier, better, faster and smarter. Data migration is also one such field that is progressing very rapidly.

Evolution in technology has brought many different and efficient solutions to the table. The days of fighting a lost battle with the manual methods of Apple Mail to PST Conversion are now gone.

New and advanced professional converter tools are the answer to all of your conversion problems. They are modern technology-based solutions that offer you exceptional features that help get the job done easily and efficiently.

But the problem is the number of converter tools present in the market. To meet high demands and cash in the opportunity many incomplete and incompetent products have been pushed in the market. Hence, you need to be very careful about the tool you pick for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion.

The Ideal Choice for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion

The ideal choice for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion is USL Software’s ultimate converter tool, Mail Extractor Pro. The feature fest of a tool is the first choice of many experts as well as casual users. It makes the conversion process an effortless transition of data between your desired pair of file format.

Now you don’t have to load the database manually for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion

The tiring process of extracting the data from the archives and converting it into MBOX files for conversion can be skipped with the help of this tool.

The tool provides you the option of automatic loading your email database files. In this approach the tool automatically detects the identity/mail folder in your Apple Mail folder structure and then starts to load the files from there.

This skips the unnecessary steps of extracting and converting the data from the archives to MBOX files. Thus, making your Apple Mail to PST Conversion more accurate and bug free.
apple mail to pst conversion

Note: For converting MBOX to PST, click on MBOX file : LOAD, then browse and select MBOX files to load.

Split those large files accordingly

The tool allows you to keep the size of PST files being produced in check. Sometimes, Outlook has problems with incorporating large size files. Thus, this can become a problem when you are dealing with large amount of data.

With the help of this tool you can set a custom size for your PST files. This enables the tool to split the files exceeding a certain size and keep their size in check. No compromise is made with the quality of your Apple Mail to PST conversion to achieve this feat. Therefore, solving the problem of large sized files.

The tool offers a lot more features. Try it today!


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